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In the Garden

Small gardens, container gardens, and pots in sunny windows can be as imaginative and gratifying as larger plots.

A garden of any size provides children lessons on the cycle of seasons, patience while seeds sprout, and quiet observation when a butterfly visits.

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Tiny Tummies welcomes you!

Tiny Tummies provides great tips and information on growing a kitchen garden

Growing a Kitchen Garden
A kitchen garden, whether full of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers, or with a single tomato plant, meets some very basic needs and helps us understand and celebrate food in the simplest ways.  (read more....)
Growing Pea Shoots
Growing Pea Shoots is a nice project for children in the early fall, when new growth is especially rare and beautiful. (read more...)
Growing Tomatoes
I don't think there is any vegetable more satisfying to grow. Warm tomatoes, plus the green scent and color tomato plants leave on your hands, can only be experienced at home. (read more...)

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